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Realtek Develops UWB CMOS RFIC Transceiver
Hsinchu, Taiwan, and San Francisco, California, USA – January 31, 2005 – Realtek Semiconductor Corp. today announced that it has successfully developed a compact low-power CMOS RFIC transceiver for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) applications, marking a significant technological breakthrough.

Featuring innovative signal processing system engineering, direct-conversion architecture, and compact circuit design, this breakthrough provides a new benchmark for ultra-fast, ultra-small communications IC solutions.

The following are feature highlights of the Realtek UWB CMOS RFIC Transceiver:

  • Ultra-Compact Design
The CMOS transceiver includes all the essential and peripheral RF functions, so only an external crystal and antenna are needed to complete an RF module, enabling a highly compact and neat solution for both embedded and add-on applications.
  • Ultra-Small Chip Size
Compared with advanced WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) RF transceivers, the Realtek UWB CMOS RFIC Transceiver achieves a die size five to twenty times smaller, opening up exciting possibilities for innovation in communication product development and applications.
  • Ultra-High Data Rates
An MBOA (Multi-Band OFDM Alliance) standard-compliant prototype system implemented with the Realtek UWB transceiver delivers 480Mbps and provides data throughput more than ten times that of state-of-the-art WLAN systems such as IEEE 802.11a/b/g.
  • Complete UWB Solution on a Single Chip
The Realtek UWB transceiver is implemented in a standard CMOS logic process, enabling a true single-chip UWB solution.
  •  Low Power: 100mW
The Realtek RFIC transceiver consumes around 100 mW while delivering 480Mbps, providing one of the world's most energy-efficient wireless communication solutions.

Realtek's R&D team (led by Realtek's Vice President, Dr. Ran-Hong Yan, co-working with Professor Behzad Razavi of University of California, Los Angeles, USA) will be presenting the Realtek UWB CMOS RFIC Transceiver and its technological accomplishments at ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) on February 8th 2005 in San Francisco, USA.

For more information on the Realtek UWB CMOS RFIC Transceiver, contact us at tel: +886-3-578-0211, fax: +886-3-577-6047, e-mail:, web:


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