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4-Channel High Definition Audio Codec
General Description
The ALC272 is a High Definition Audio Codec that meets the current WLP3.10 (Windows Logo Program) audio requirements for Windows Vista systems.

Featuring two stereo DACs, two stereo ADCs, legacy analog input to analog output mixing, one stereo digital microphone converter, and two independent SPDIF output converters, the ALC272 provides a fully integrated audio solution for multimedia desktop and mobile PCs, and ultra mobile devices.

The ALC272 integrates two stereo ADCs and two stereo digital microphone converters to support simultaneous analog microphone recording and up to 4 channel digital microphone array recording, and features Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) for voice applications.

Multiple analog IO (except MONO, PCBEEP, and HP-OUT) are input and output capable, and provide headphone amplifiers. Four linear headphone amplifiers are integrated to drive earphones on port-A, port-D, port-E and port-F. The fifth headphone amplifier on port-I (HPOUT) is designed to drive an earphone without the need for external DC blocking capacitors, reducing pop noise and enhancing sound quality.

The ALC272 provides two independent SPDIF outputs and supports 16/20/24-bit SPDIF output with a sampling rate of up to 192kHz, offering easy connection of PCs to high quality consumer electronic products such as digital decoders and speakers. In addition to the standard (primary) SPDIF output function, the ALC272 features another independent (secondary) SPDIF-OUT output and converters that transport digital audio output to a High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) transmitter (becoming more common in high-end PCs).

In addition to the audio functions, the ALC272 supports enhanced power management. Its power management design conforms to Intel’s Audio Codec low power state white paper and is ECR compliant, reducing power consumption when the audio function is not being used, and offering jack detection wake-up when the system is in power down state so as to extend battery life for mobile systems without sacrificing audio features.

The ALC272 supports host audio controller from the Intel ICH series chipset, and also from any other HDA compatible audio controller. With software utilities like Karaoke mode, environment emulation, multi-band software equalizer, dynamic range compressor and extender, optional Dolby® Digital Live, DTS® CONNECT™, Dolby® Home Theater, and SRS® programs, the ALC272 provides an excellent home entertainment package and game experience for PC users.
    Hardware Features
  • Meets performance and function requirements for Microsoft WLP 3.10, and stricter performance requirements for future WLP
  • Two stereo DAC support 16/20/24-bit PCM for two independent playback (multiple streaming)
  • Two stereo ADC supports 16/20/24-bit PCM format for two independent recording
  • All DACs support independent 44.1k/48k/96k/192kHz sample rate
  • All ADCs support independent 44.1k/48k/96k/192kHz sample rate
  • Two independent SPDIF outputs support 16/20/24-bit format and 44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k/192kHz rate
  • All analog jack ports except MONO, BEEP-IN and HP-OUT are stereo input and output re-tasking
  • Supports line level mono output
  • Supports analog PCBEEP input, and features an integrated digital BEEP generator
  • Support two stereo digital microphone input for microphone array AEC/BF application
  • Each stereo digital microphone interface has its own clock output to support independent sample rate
  • Supports legacy analog mixer architecture
  • Built-in five headphone amplifiers on port-A and port-D, port-E, port-F and port-I.
  • Headphone amplifier on port-I (HP-OUT) is designed to drive output without external DC blocking capacitors
  • Software selectable 2.5V and 3.2V reference output for microphone bias
  • Software selectable boost gain (+10/+20/+30dB) for analog microphone input
  • Two jack detection pins; each supports detection of up to 4 jacks
  • Supports two GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins (pin sharing with digital microphone interface)
  • Supports EAPD (External Amplifier Power Down) control for external amplifier
  • Supports anti-pop mode when analog power AVDD is on and digital power is off
  • Supports 1.5V~3.3V scalable I/O for HD Audio link
  • 48-pin LQFP ‘Green’ package
  • Jack detection function is supported when device is in power down mode (D3)
  • Independent secondary SPDIF converter and pin to output digital stream to HDMI transmitter
  • Intel low power ECR compliant, supports power status control for each analog converter and pin widgets, supports jack detection and wake up event in D3 mode

    Software Features
  • Meets Microsoft WLP 3.10 and future WLP audio requirements
  • WaveRT-based audio function driver for Windows Vista
  • EAX™ 1.0 & 2.0 compatible
  • Direct Sound 3D™ compatible
  • A3D™ compatible
  • I3DL2 compatible
  • Emulation of 26 sound environments to enhance gaming experience
  • Multi-band software equalizer and related tools are provided
  • Voice Cancellation and Key Shifting effect
  • Dynamic range control (expander, compressor and limiter) with adjustable parameters
  • Intuitive Configuration Panel (Realtek Audio Manager) to enhance user experience
  • Provides 10-foot GUI for easy menu navigation on Windows Media Center
  • Microphone Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Noise Suppression (NS), and Beam Forming (BF) technology for voice application
  • Smart multiple streaming operation
  • HDMI audio driver for AMD platform
  • Dolby® PCEE program™ (optional software feature)
  • DTS® CONNECT™ (optional software feature)
  • SRS® TrueSurround HD (optional software feature)
  • Fortemedia® SAM™ technology for voice processing (Beam Forming and Acoustic Echo Cancellation) (optional software feature
  • Desktop and mobile PCs
  • Ultra mobile devices
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